New Account

To sign-up for a zoomtalk account simply follow these simple steps.

1. Select Monthly or Annually payment method, then add your email address and phone number including your country code, then add the URL name of your site, this can be your business name or any other name your you would like as long as it is available.  If you want to use your own full domain name we will have a section on this soon.

2. Check your email for the completion of your account which will contain Your activation token for the next stage.  If you can't see the email in your inbox, check your junk folder, if still not there try "Resending" the email again that is just under the green "Click to Register" button.  If you still don't get an email, please create a support account and open a support ticket.

3.  You should now have an email that looks much the same as the one below with your name, activation token, and at the bottom of the email your URL address.

Within this first email, you will also have some extra how-to links to help you with the final process.