Sending Invites

Before you can send an invite for others to attend you first need to have your contacts set up and a meeting set up.

add a contact - setting up a meeting

Go to the meeting you want to invite others and on the right side there are 3 DOTS, click on the dots and a new menu will show, then click "View Meeting".

In this section, you can others by the "+ADD" button at the top.

You will also notice on this page you have access to the meeting configuration settings for this meeting and you can add Attachments to this meeting and a meeting cover.

Adding invitees from your contact list can be done using either one of 4 options.

1. Contact dropdown
2. Segments (Groups)

3. An email address

4. Multiple email addresses at the same time.

Sending the invite can be done all at once or you can do one at a time.

To send all invitees the invite just click the button at the top "INVITE"

To send invites one at a time, click the 3 DOTS to the right of the invitee and click "Send Invitation"

NOTE: If you have selected a Segment, all contacts within the segment will be sent an invite to this meeting.