Pusher Account

Setting up a Pusher account is very easy and can be done in 5 easy steps as follows;
1. Go to pusher.com! If you don't have an account, then create an account and then log in. Click the link to create an account: https://dashboard.pusher.com/accounts/sign_up

Confirm your email address, check your junk email folder if it is not in your inbox.

2. Create a Channel App!  Click "Get Started"

3. Enter a name for your App, select a Cluster closest to you, select Vue.JS for frontend, and Laravel for the backend.  Click create app.

Channel is now set up, click the arrow down to show the menu list to select the App keys.

4. Go to the "App Keys" page for that app by clicking on "App Keys" on the left sidebar, and make a note of your app_id, key, secret, and cluster. These are the credentials you will need to set up pusher on zoomtalk.biz.

Copy your credentials as shown below

5. Go to the "App Settings" page for that app by clicking on "App Settings" on the left sidebar, and turn on the "Enable client events".

Enable client events and then exit, all done!

If you need help, please open a support ticket and we will be glad to help you with this process.

To add Pusher to your zoomtalk.biz account go to:  https://support.zoomtalk.biz/knowledgebase/Pusher-Credential