To lock your login screen before leaving you computer, phone or tablet, go to your account settings and click the lock menu and you are all set.

Your Profile

Your Profile is made up of the very basic information the system needs as follows;1. Your name2. Email address3. Gender4. Date of BirthYou can edit this information by clicking the "Edit User" button.  You can also change your avatar by clicking the "Edit Image" button.  

Change Password

Changing your password is very easy.For extra security you do need your current password in order to change your password to a new password. 

User Preference

User Preference is a system setting so you can work to your local day, time, location and language.Select your system settings from the provided drop down boxes and click SAVE.There are also some very basic Chat settings you can enable or disable to your liking.

Your Subscriptions

To check your current subscription and plan details go to your account settings and click "Your Subscriptions" to view.This will also show your created date, updated date and expiry date.